We’re delighted to announce that we are sponsoring Bsides Newcastle

In case you didn’t know what Bsides is, this is a popular community driven series of events which are based around the world. The events are tailored to providing information, education and awareness about security and can come in many different formats. All sorts of people can and do attend, there is no requirement for attending apart from wanting to learn.

Usually the events (when not in pandemic times) will host a series of events where people watch, learn and interact with other like minded people. There will usually be workshops and training courses to further help people learn about their topic of choice. Want to learn about lock picking or what the latest trends are? These events will usually give you the chance to try and learn.

You can learn more about the role of the events at their website here: http://www.securitybsides.com/

We’ve decided to sponsor Bsides Newcastle because, not only are they local to us (and the home town of the director), but they are doing what we love, they are providing awareness, training and education for all types of people for free or to a minimal cost.

The event will start on September the 10th and finish on the 11th, there will be a mix of physical and online, virtual sessions to cater for everyone. It should be a fun few days and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into Information Security to have a look at these events, theres bound to be one close to you at some stage.

Checkout their site at: https://bsidesnewcastle.org/ for further information.