A virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is a senior-level executive within the business who is responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. They are the go to person to ensure your business keeps its information safe from cyber attacks.

The board rarely possesses the specialist skills which are needed to combat today’s cyber criminals and therefore have to rely upon external collaboration. The virtual CISO service which is offered by InfoSec Governance has been designed to fill that skill gap. A remote virtual CISO service means that you will receive a board-level resource that can sit within your business virtually. This allows you to manage your security strategy, budget, review of risks and regulatory program.

Why choose our virtual CISO Service?

Our Virtual CISO service will help you, by providing someone remotely, who understands the current information risk environment in which the business operates. The vCISO service can take responsibility for all strategic information security goals, where necessary. This service needs to inform, influence and support the organisation’s board, shareholders or partners, as well as requiring the knowledge and resources to engage their full support.

All of our information security officers know how to provide clear advice to all audiences.

Have a CISO which you can have access to via an online service. A Virtual CISO can help you steer and meet your information security objectives.

Help to reduce the threat of cyber attacks upon your business. This could help save hundreds of thousands of pounds by limiting damage, reduce potential breaches, and protect the business reputation.

Help to coordinate security breach and incident investigations as well as help to implement remediation measures to help prevent future incidents.

Have access to someone who can deliver presentations about how your current information security posture is defined to key stakeholders within the business and help steer, e.g. to your leadership team or regulators.

Have access to a company that can independently review and audit your business as well as helping to prioritise issues and tracking resolution.

Have access to your own cyber security professional. Your online CISO will be able to access all the resources of InfoSec Governance as and when required e.g. Penetration testing, endpoint protection and Cyber Essentials.

£500per month
  • 5 hours remote support and guidance
  • Access to technical knowledge and expertise
  • Point of contact for security incidents