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InfoSec Governance is a business who helps businesses protect themselves from cyber based threats. We provide helpful friendly advice and services to businesses and listen to their requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing free knowledge and awareness via our blog articles and YouTube channel, allowing everyone to get the information they need.

Our director, Marcus Dempsey, is an experienced technical manager who has around 30 years of knowledge about building, running, securing and protecting infrastructure in all shapes and sizes. His aim was to put the customer first and to help secure business of all shapes and sizes.

Why partner with us?

Marcus Dempsey, profile picture

By partnering and using InfoSec Governance, your business is protected against cyber based threats.

From Cyber Essentials certifications to penetration testing and consultancy. We are the go to company for your needs.

We are a Certification Body for the below UK based certifications, meaning that we can help you achieve certification for tenders and compliance.

Not only do we work with businesses, but we also partner with Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) to help them protect their customers.

By helping to identify your risks we can help you achieve a more secure baseline and help safeguard your business and help to build long term partnerships.

Industry Certifications

We have the following industry based certifications, to help you give piece of mind that we have not only the technical knowhow, but also the qualifications.

  • TigerScheme QSTM
  • Offensive Security Wireless Professional
  • EC-Council Security Analyst (ECSA – Practical)
  • Numerous Microsoft certifications

Our Vision

Our vision as a company is to help companies reduce their cyber risk and raise awareness of their environment, through providing technology and business management principals, our clients can reap the rewards. We are:

  • Experienced
  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Passionate

Our Mission

The mission is to provide services and allow enable our clients to reduce their risk to information security and ensure that our clients can obtain successful and measurable business valued outcomes.

Our Values

We have the following values, which are made up of the following:

  • Ability to provide exceptional levels of service to our clients
  • To work with clients in a clear and transparent manner which is easy to digest
  • To deliver the best advice and guidance possible
  • To build valued, long term relationships