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From Cyber Essentials certifications to penetration testing, we can help your business stay safe and secure.

Our Cyber Security Services

InfoSec Govern

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government backed certification that helps your business demonstrate your commitment to cyber security, protecting your users data, and is managed by the NCSC.

Managed Services

Our managed security services allow you to concentrate on your business, whilst we look after what is important for you and your business.

IASME Governance

If you are a business that would like to work towards the industry-standard ISO 27001, but either can’t justify the amount of work, time and cost this involves, this certification is the ideal solution for you.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is essential as today’s businesses suffer from the threat of cyber attacks on a daily basis.

The Information Security experts

InfoSec Govern

InfoSec Governance is an information security company that  helps  to  educate and protect businesses from security-related threats. We are a company that puts the customer first and works with you to achieve the goal of securing your business. We can help you  achieve Cyber Essentials and/or IASME Governance certifications, provide penetration  testing as well as security consultancy.

Are you looking for a company that can provide a penetration test or certify you towards Cyber Essentials? Then you’ve come to the right place, we will work with you to ensure that you get the service you expect.

Putting your digital security first

InfoSec Govern

We believe that one of the many reasons that our customers continue to work with us is our ability to cut through all the tape and complex terminology and help you achieve your goal. This helps to increase our customer retention rate and ensure that that our customers get what they need.

We are a business created by people who are passionate about keeping businesses safe, whether this is through security awareness training, security consultancy or simply having a chat. We’re here to help you reduce your risk.

Our mission is to become your trusted partner and help you to support and enhance defenses as well as reduce the overall risk within your business. Although our services entail security awareness training, consulting and Cyber Essentials. We also have strategic partnerships to help you work towards ISO 27001, PCI DSS and many more.

You can be safe in the knowledge that we will never sell you products or information security services that you don’t need. We’ll work with you from the start and understand your problems and come up with a cost-effective company-wide solution.

Did you know that:

0 %
of charities experienced a security breach or attack in the last year
0 %
of businesses have a formal cyber security policy
0 %
of businesses experienced a security breach or attack in the last year
0 %
of businesses say that cyber security is a high priority

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