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Penetration Testing is essential as today’s businesses suffer from the threat of cyber attacks on a daily basis. Businesses must identify the risks which affect them whilst demonstrating that they are resilient and compliant with today’s security standards. To combat these attacks, InfoSec Governance offers several solutions to help you with your information security.

Conducting a penetration test will allow you to identify threats to your business through cyber security, by performing scans and utilising the same actions as malicious attackers do, our security consultants will be able to highlight and report upon your weaknesses and help you to remediate to prevent risk.

Not only does penetration testing allow you to see how vulnerable your business is at the time of the test, but it will also help you to plan your risk assessment and help you understand where you need to concentrate.

Network Penetration Testing

A penetration test will check your environment for weaknesses, looking for improper configuration, known weaknesses and missing patches.

Web Application Penetration Testing

A web application penetration test looks to identify any weaknesses within the application due to insecure development as well as the insecure configuration of infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment will perform a high-level scan of your network to look for any vulnerabilities within systems as well as missing security patches.

Why is penetration testing important?

When you conduct a penetration test, it allows you to identify any security vulnerabilities within your business, whether it is human or technical, it can help identify risks and ways to remediate the issues.

There are several options when considering a penetration test, ranging from white testing (where the testing company knows everything) to grey testing (partial information), to black testing whereby the testing company knows nothing about the business. Depending upon the type of testing conducted will vary the results and in the end the amount the test will cost to conduct.

Performing a penetration test by a third party company can help you achieve the result of finding vulnerabilities within your business. A test can help you identify missing security patches, misconfigured services as well as weak areas in the security training of your staff.

Not matter what size your business is, you should look to conduct a penetration test at least annually to protect yourself against the following threats:

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