At the time of writing this blog article the United Kingdom is currently facing a lockdown for an unknown period, during this time, the penetration testing, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance auditing services have been affected.

Fear not however, we are fully suited to this and can continue to provide your needed services with minimal impact to yourself or the services required.

If you are looking for internal penetration testing we have a few options, we can connect to your office network via using your VPN service, or we can provide you an appliance which you can connect to your network (if you are able to gain access still), this appliance will establish a secure network connection to our offices and allow us to gain access via a secure VPN connection. No additional ports need to be opened up on your system, as long as HTTPS (port TCP/443) is allowed outbound.

If you are looking to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus or IASME Governance Audited, we can provide these services via a teams session as well. So there is no need to worry, we can you covered during these troublesome times.

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