How to remove Adobe Flash within Windows 10

Since the beginning of 2021 I’m seeing a lot of people still having Adobe Flash installed, if you weren’t aware Flash was made End of Life (EoL) at the end of 2020. Therefore if you are going for Cyber Essentials and/or Cyber Essentials Plus this will put you at a disadvantage as you will be running unsupported software and this will give you a Major Non-Compliance on one of the questions.

To ensure that you pass this Cyber Essentials question you should ensure that Adobe Flash is removed from all your devices, this can be performed by going to Add/Remove Programs, scrolling down the list and uninstalling Adobe Flash.  However, if you have the built-in version of Flash that comes with Windows 10 you will need to install an update to remove support.

You can download this update from the Microsoft Update Catalogue site which can be found here:, browse down the list and download and then install the update for your device.

Once installed, support for Adobe Flash should be removed.  You may need to restart your computer for this to take effect.

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